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Rosso Collemandina
information Commercial name (according to European Standard EN 12440 addendum A) for a brown-red limestone of the Jurassic period (Lias) with light bands, Italian "rosso" = red.
Technical and physical characteristics: Bulk density: 2,68 kg/dm³, bending strength: 17, 6 - 18,0 N/mm², compression breaking load: 154,9 - 158 N/mm², water absorption: 0,03 vol.-%, abrasion resistance: 0,61 - 1,3 mm (according to Amsler), polish constant only inside.
Uses: Ornamental stone inside and for decorative craft objects.

origin Italy (Villacollemandina/Provincia di Lucca/Apennines/Tuscany)
synonyms Brown Collemandina, Collemandina, Collemandina Rosso, Marrone Collemandina (according to European Standard EN 12440 addendum A), Red Rupas, Rosso Colemandia, Rosso Colemandino, Rosso Collemandino, Rosso Collemond, Rosso Rupas, Rosso Rupaz, Roter Collemond, Roupaz Red, Rozzo Roupaz, Rupas Red
suppliers E U R O P E
"Rosso Collemandina", slabs: Ziche Divisione Marmi S.r.l., I-25080 Nuvolento (BS)/Italy; email:; web:;

N O R T H - A M E R I C A
"Rosso Rupas", slabs: Pietra Fina Inc., USA-San Francisco, CA 94545; email:; web:;

Rosso Collemandina, sample slab

Rosso Collemandina, macro

Rosso Collemandina, microphotograph
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