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Yellowish-White of Platanotopos
information A white to light beige magnesian marble ( fault breccia ) with small yellow-brown limonite veins.
Mineral distribution on the average in weight-%: Dolomite 95, calcite: 5. Technical and physical characteristics: Bulk density: 2,776 kg/dm³, bending strength: 13,05 N/mm², compression breaking load: 156,76 N/mm², water absorption: 0,20 weight-%, abrasion resistance according to DIN 52108: 18,55 cm³/50 cm² (according to Boehme), polish constant only inside.
Uses: Ornamental stone.
origin Greece (Elefteroupolis + Platanotopos/Kavala)
synonyms Antique Venetian, Arachnia, Gold Spider, Golden Spider, Platanotopos Yellow-White, Platanotopos Yellow White, Platanotopos Yellowish White (according to EN 12440, addendum A)
suppliers Greece
"Golden Spider": quarry, blocks, slabs, tiles: Iktinos Hellas S.A., GR-14452 Metamorphossis (Athen)/Greece; email:; web:;

"Golden Spider", slabs, tiles, cut-to-size: Rossittis GmbH, D-59439 Holzwickede/Germany; email:; web:;

Yellowish-White of Platanotopos, sample slab

Yellowish-White of Platanotopos, sample slab

Yellowish-White of Platanotopos, microphotograph

Yellowish-White of Platanotopos, microphotograph
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