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Giallo Venezia Fiorito
information A coarse- to very coarse-grained, ochre-yellow, yellow-pink or -brown granite of the Precambrian period, with big, yellowish feldspar phenocrysts ( partly with a grey core ), Italian "giallo" = yellow, "fiorito" = flowered.
Technical and physical characteristics: Bulk density according to ABNT NBR 12.766: 2,630 kg/dm³, bending strength according to ABNT NBR 12.763: 9,46 N/mm², compression breaking load according to ABNT NBR 12.767: 147,90 N/mm², abrasion resistance according to ABNT NBR 12.042 (Amsler): 0,80 mm, water absorption according to ABNT NBR 12.766: 0,39%.
Uses: Building stone, ornamental stone.
origin Brazil (quarry RN 000195/Rodovia BR 116, km 84/Fazenda Soledade/Medina/Minas Gerais)
synonyms Amarelo Fiorito, Amarelo Florenca, Amendoa Aurora, Fiorito, Giallo Fiorito Veneziano, Giallo Fiorito, Giallo Fioritto, Giallo Veneziano Florito, Yellow Fiorito
suppliers S O U T H - A M E R I C A
"Giallo Fiorito", quarry, blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size: Marbrasa - Marmores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda., Brazil-29314-400 Chachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES); email:; web:;

"Amarelo Fiorito", slabs: Americana Granitos do Brasil Lda., Brazil-89124000 Benedito Novo; email:; web:;

"Giallo Fiorito": Granitos Moredo, Brazil-07034-090 Varzea do Palacio, Guarulhos (SP); email:; web:;

"Amarelo Fiorito": Gramarcal Lda., Rua Vitorio Ravera, Brazil-29321-000 Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES); email:; web:;

"Amendoa Aurora": Nova Aurora Lda., Brazil-29300-970 Cachoeiro do Itapemirim (ES); email:; web:;

"Giallo Fiorito"; Thor Granitos, BR 493, Brasilien-24800-000 Manilha/Itaborai (RJ); email:; web:;

"Giallo Fiorito Veneziano", blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size: Rexgranit GmbH, D-14822 Brueck/Germany; email:; web:;

"Giallo Fiorito", blocks: R.E.D.Graniti S.p.A., I - 54100 Massa (MS)/Italy; email:;

"Giallo Fiorito", slabs: Marmi Graniti Favorita, I-36045 Lonigo (VI)/Italy; email:; web:;

Giallo Venezia Fiorito, sample slab

Giallo Venezia Fiorito, macro

Giallo Venezia Fiorito, microphotograph

Giallo Venezia Fiorito, microphotograph
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