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Marinace Black
information A dark grey to black polygenetic conglomerate with white to black pebbles in fine-grained dark grey to black groundmass, transformed by metamorphism, elongated pebbles. Pebbles and matrix partly carbonatic.
Uses: Ornamental stone.
origin Brazil
synonyms Amazon Black, Black Amazon, Black Marinace, Black Morgan, Black Mosaic, Black Mosaico, Black Mosaik, Marinace Nero, Nero Marinace
suppliers S O U T H - A M E R I K A
"Black Mosaic", quarry, slabs: Nova Aurora Lda., Brazil-29300-970 Cachoeiro do Itapemirim (ES); email:; web:;

"Black Marinace", slabs: Stone Hill Brasil, Brazil-29051-145 Ilha de Santa Mana; email:; web:;

"Black Mosaic": Granito Zucchi Ltda., Brazil-29173-392 Jacarapaipe, Serra (ES); web:;

N O R T H- A M E R I C A
"Black Marinace", slabs: Pietra Fina Inc., USA-San Francisco, CA 94545; email:; web:;

"Marinace Nero", slabs, tiles, cut-to-size: Rossittis GmbH, D-59439 Holzwickede/Germany; email:; web:;

"Marinace Black", slabs, tiles, cut-to-size: Just GmbH & Co. Natursteine KG, D-04746 Hartha/Germany: email:; web:;

"Black Mosaic", slabs, cut-to-size: Antolini Luigi & C. S.P.A., I-37010 Sega di Cavaion (VR)/Italy; email:; web:;

"Marinace Black", slabs, tiles: Bassi & Bellotti S.p.A., I-22066 Mariano Comense (CO)/Italy; email:; web:;

Marinace Black, sample slab

Marinace Black, sample slab

Marinace Black, macro

Marinace Black, macro
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