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Koesseine Granit
information Commercial name (according to European Standard EN 12440 addendum A) for a coarse-grained, blue-grey granite of the Upper Carboniferous period, with cordierite.
Technical and physical characteristics: Bulk density: 2,61 - 2,69 kg/dm³, bending strength: 14 - 20 N/mm², compression breaking load: 143 - 210 N/mm², water absorption: 0,07 - 0,20 weight-%, abrasion resistance: 4,7 - 6 cm³/50 cm² (according to Boehme), frost resistant, polish constant.
Mean ultimate loads for FZP-Anchor (Type M8, drillhole depth hv = 15 mm): tensile load: 10,3 kN (according to test results of the test laboratory at the Fischerwerke).
References: Hauptbahnhof/Muenchen/Bayern/Germany; Montan-Union building/Luxemnurg/Luxemburg.
Uses: Construction stone, ornamental stone in- and outside.
origin Germany (Waldershof/Koesseine/Fichtelgebirge/Bayern)
synonyms Imperator, Kleinwendern, Koessein, Koesseine, Koesseiner, Kosseine
suppliers "Koesseine Granit", quarry, blocks, slabs, cut-to-size: Ludwig Popp Granitwerk GmbH, D-95679 Waldershof Schurbach/Germany; email:; web:

"Koesseine Granit", quarry, cut-to-size: HOFMANN Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG, D-97956 Werbach-Gamburg/Germany; email:; web:;

"Koesseine", quarry: Grasyma Natursteine GmbH, D-95632 Wunsiedel/Germany; email:; web:

Koesseine Granit, sample slab
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